T. Jeffrey Hannah, Assistant Professor, Marian University

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T. Jeffrey Hannah

City : Indianapolis

Country : US

I am passionate about:
Helping others better understand how organizations operate and how to be more effective in building collective capacity to achieve results that matter most.
Professional experience:
I retired in 2015 after 27 years of service at Anthem, Inc. My first 15 years at Anthem I served in various roles in the Legal Department. The last 12 years I served in a Chief Administrative Officer role in Anthem's government contracts subsidiary ..... in that role I began to purposefully explore the development of my leadership practice, which led me to my current role teaching in a Masters of Education Leadership Program at Marian University in Indianapolis, IN.
I can thought partner on the following topics:
With respect to how we think about k-12 education, and particularly how we think about it in our urban schools in America, it seems to me we face a serious challenge. How do we adapt this enormous institution, which served reasonably well its industrial age constituents --- particularly the need for workers and citizens with certain literacy and numeracy skills and who have been conditioned for compliance and conformity. We now face a world where creativity, analytical skills, curiosity and adaptability become the core skills and ways of being for people to thrive. How to do we help to mobilize people toward what's next in terms of how we help our children grow and develop in the 21st century.
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I began my adaptive leadership studies in 2017
I studied with Ron Heifetz
I studied with Tim O'Brien
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise
2018 ALN Peer Coach in a Leadership Circle
2018 ALN Trainer's Workshop
I am an adaptive leadership practitioner
I am an adaptive leadership lecturer
I am an adaptive leadership trainer
I am an adaptive leadership consultant

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