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Eadine Hickey

City : Dublin 14

Country : IE

I am passionate about:
I am passionate about cultivating an empowering form of leadership, in settings where it is appropriate. I work a lot in Financial Services and Law, where there is a lot of deference to authority as well as disengagement. I think of my two daughters and how I would like them to work in organisations that value their voice and where they can step up and make a difference.
Professional experience:
I am a leadership development consultant and coach with a passion for cultivating leadership to empower clients and in turn their teams to deal with complexity. Prior to training as a coach, I had an international corporate career with Accenture and General Electric which informs my work. My education includes a Bachelor of Actuarial Studies, an MBA and an MSc in coaching in University College Dublin. I also completed the Art and Practice of Leadership Development in HKS in 2012.
I can thought partner on the following topics:
How leadership programmes can be designed to promote adult development, in turn leading to more effective leadership.
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I studied with Ron Heifetz
I studied with Marty Linsky
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise
I am an adaptive leadership practitioner
I am an adaptive leadership trainer
I am an adaptive leadership consultant

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