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Ibrahim Alghamdi

City : Riyadh

Country : SA

Professional experience:
I am an accomplished and result-oriented professional with a Ph.D. in Human Resource Management (Leadership Development). With many years of experience and a solid background in research as well, I am a Leadership Development Specialist. In Middle East and Western countries, I can offer valuable insights into culture and business practice to organizations and leaders seeking to expand into the Middle East. I utilize hands-on and collaborative approaches for inspiring, improving and achieving a high level of future leaders in the private and government sectors, raising participation and morale for the leaders along with the creation of challenging and appropriate environments. I am seeking to build strong leaders able to make the transformation and lead the organization forward to the next level. My interests are: Authentic leadership - Leadership development - Organizational strategy - Talent management - Training programs - Cross-cultural management * I am an associate member of the CIPD
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I studied with Ron Heifetz
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise
I am an adaptive leadership practitioner
I am an adaptive leadership researcher
I am an adaptive leadership consultant

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