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Im passionate about developing and building capacity to tackle our social challenges to contribute to a more equitable & just society. Im particularly interested in how to bridge the gap between those peoples & ideas on the margins and the mainstream; how we wake ourselves and others up to the power we have to be useful, and in the depths of that work how we create spaces that can hold ourselves and others in difference and conflict to lead to transformation.
Professional experience:
Liz Skelton is CoFounder & Director of Collaboration for Impact, CFI. CFI builds capacity in collective impact and adaptive leadership for social change, systems change and social innovation working with and advising Government, Not for Profit, Community, philanthropy sectors on how to create the conditions for social change. Liz brings unique specialist experience, skills and knowledge in adaptive leadership development to build the capacity of cross sector collaborations to change the conditions that keep social problems in place. With 25 years experience leading social change, Liz began her career leading NGOS’s in Scotland and Australia before co-leading the establishment and growth of a national social leadership learning organisation Social Leadership Australia. As Principal Consultant she spent eight years working with leaders in community, government and businesses across Australia developing the theory and applying the practice of Adaptive Leadership to tackle their toughest challenges. She co-authored: ‘The Australian Leadership Paradox: What it takes to lead in the Lucky Country’ with Geoff Aigner published in July 2013 by Allen & Unwin; and is a co-author of ‘The Lost Conversations: Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together’ November 2014. Liz is a Lecturer with UNSW’s Centre for Social Impacts Masters and Graduate Certificate in Social Impact.
I can thought partner on the following topics:
The application of adaptive leadership to systems change initiatives Developing systems leadership for social change Leading across culture Working with awareness and practice of power and authority Working in conflictual spaces
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I began my adaptive leadership studies in 2007
I studied with Ron Heifetz
I studied with Marty Linsky
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise
I am an adaptive leadership practitioner
I am an adaptive leadership lecturer
I am an adaptive leadership consultant

Advocacy/Community organizing | Diversity/Race relations | Non-profit/NGO |
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