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Nizar Farsakh

City : Arlington

Country : US

I am passionate about:
Palestine, Arab Spring, Increasing Civic Engagement, Enhancing Tolerance, Bridging Perspectives
Professional experience:
Nizar Farsakh is a trainer focusing on leadership, advocacy and negotiations. He worked for two years at the Project On Middle East Democracy in DC building the advocacy capacity of Arab CSOs and before that he was the General Director of the PLO Delegation in Washington DC for two years. Between 2003-2008 he was advising senior Palestinian leaders including the President, the Prime Minister and various ministries. Nizar is currently also involved in several non-violence initiatives in Palestine and the US.
I can thought partner on the following topics:
Leadership, Negotiations, Advocacy, Israel/Palestine issues, Middle East North Africa issues, Polarization, International Development
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I began my adaptive leadership studies in 2010
I studied with Ron Heifetz
I studied with Dean Williams
I was also an adaptive leadership Teaching Assistant
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise
2018 ALN Peer Coach in a Leadership Circle
2017 ALN Conference
2016 ALN Conference
I am an adaptive leadership practitioner
I am an adaptive leadership trainer
I am an adaptive leadership consultant

Advocacy/Community organizing | Diversity/Race relations | Government | Human resources | International development | International relations/Diplomacy | Management consulting | Negotiation/Peacekeeping | Non-profit/NGO | Politics | Women's issues | Youth |
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