Ukko Metsola 39active

Ukko Metsola

City : Brussels

Country : US

I am passionate about:
Peace and stability among Homo Sapiens. Pooling of sovereignty and creating peace and interdependence through trade and travel, as opposed to building walls and introducing tariffs on trade.
Professional experience:
Pre-Kennedy school: a political advisor at the Finnish Parliament and at the Prime Minister’s office Post-Kennedy school: a lobbyists
I can thought partner on the following topics:
1. Travel and tourism, which is generating a lot of adaptive challenges around the world. 2. Peace and stability / protection of what I would still like to call “liberal democracy” / post WWII world order.
My Adaptive Leadership studies
I began my adaptive leadership studies in 2005
I studied with Ron Heifetz
I studied with Dean Williams
I was also an adaptive leadership Teaching Assistant
My Adaptive Leadership Expertise

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